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    Company Profile

      Weihai Zhengwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd Founded in 2004, it is located in Weihai, a livable city for human beings. Since the establishment of our company, we have researched the magnetic coupling transmission technology, and on the basis of this, we have developed a series of equipment suitable for chemical industry, medicine, food, health, printing and dyeing, materials, biology and other fields. We are a professional manufacturer of chemical production equipment and laboratory equipment in China. The magnetic coupling reactor products completely solve the problems of safe operation under severe working conditions such as high temperature and high pressure, inflammable and explosive, highly toxic dust, etc.

    Project Case

    Shale oil refining system

    Shale oil is a brown, viscous liquid product produced by thermal decomposition of organic matter during oil shale dry distillation.In the context of the shortage of oil resources, oil shale, as a rich resource, has received more and more attention.Sha…

    Alcohol Distillation System of the Old Village Chief Winery

    Distillation is a thermodynamic separation process. It uses the different boiling points of the components in the mixed liquid or liquid-solid system to evaporate the low-boiling components, and then condense to separate the entire components. There a…

    15m3 high pressure tank

    Pressure water tank:1. The maximum pressure of the water tank: design and experiment pressure is 2.0mpa, working pressure is less than 2.0mpa2. Maximum operating temperature: 100℃3. Sanitation level: meet the national drinking water sanitation standa…

    Polyester resin reactor production system

    Unsaturated polyester resin equipment is the key equipment used to produce unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin and paint.A full set of unsaturated polyester resin equipment is composed of reaction pot, vertical fraction…

    Pressure piping system

    In modern industry, high-pressure pipelines are widely used. Many chemical production processes have adopted high pressures of 10-100 MPa. The more important ones are synthetic ammonia production, urea production, methanol production, and petroleum hy…


    Weihai Zhengwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

    Sales Department 1 Phone:0631-5382662
    Sales Department 2 Phone:0631-5382771
    Add:Zaobu Industrial Park, Gushan Town, Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone

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